Yanmar 1GM10 inboard boat engine


Yanmar 8bhp 1GM10 with km2p gearbox and “A” type control panel we removed from a boat, engine is in perfect running order and was checked when removed.

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Yanmar 1GM10 with km2p gearbox, “A” type control panel and prop that we’ve removed from a boat. Engine is in perfect running order and was checked when removed.

This is a Robust and reliable yacht engine.

We prefer buyers to collect, but we may be able to deliver if you are local to us in Portsmouth. Viewings are welcome, but are by appointment only. If you have an offer accepted, please get in contact with us to arrange collection.

  • Configuration:  4-stroke- vertical, water-cooled diesel engine
  • Maximum output at crankshaft: * 6.6 kW@3600 rpm
  • Displacement: 0.318 L
  • Bore x stroke: 75 mm x 72 mm
  • Cylinders: 1, vertical
  • Combustion system: Indirect injection [special swirl type pre-combustion chamber]
  • Aspiration: Natural aspiration
  • Starting system: Electric starting 12V – 1.0 kW with manual combination
  • Alternator: 12V – 40A
  • Cooling system: Direct seawater cooling by rubber impeller seawater pump
  • Lubrication system: Enclosed, forced lubricating system
  • Direction of rotation [crankshaft]: Counterclockwise viewed from stern
  • Dry weight without gear: 71 kg
  • Emission compliance EU: RCD 2 BSO II EM   US: EPA Tier 2
  • Engine mounting: Rubber type flexible mounting


  • MODEL KM2P-1
  • Clutch Type: Mechanical parallel servo cone
  • Input torque capacity Nm (ft lb) (max. rpm): 66 Nm (49 ft lb) (3600 rpm)
  • Reduction ratio: Forward 2.21 2.62 3.22 Reverse 3.06
  • Direction of rotation: Input shaft Counter-clockwise (viewed from stern) Output shaft Clockwise
  • Lubricating oil: SAE #20/#30 (single grade oil)
  • Lubricating oil capacity:0.03 liter (0.32 qt)
  • Dry weight:  9.8 kg (22 lb)

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