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Glomex Polaris Directional TV Antenna

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Glomex Polaris Directional TV Antenna Analog and Digital TV.


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Glomex Polaris Directional TV Antenna Analog and Digital TV. Our price £250, including free standard UK shipping. RRP £360

Glomex Polaris is a directional TV antenna that is around 3 times more efficient compared to an omnidirectional antenna, allowing a gain of up to 36 dB.

The angle of reception is easily orientated towards the signal direction by means of an infared remote control, actuating the inside electric drives. Polaris has two amplifiers, an inner and outer one with by-pass, assuring high noise squelching and by-pass capacity. The antenna can receive polarized TV signals both horizontal and vertically, ensuring an excellent view of both analog and digital terrestrial TV in any place, including when only vertical polarized signals are received

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