Ecowoodoil Clear Garden Furniture Oil (1ltr) RRP18.99


Ecowoodoil clear garden furniture oil (1ltr)

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EcoWoodOil Clear Garden Furniture Oil

Ecowoodoil Garden Furniture Oil is a low sheen preserving oil for the enhancement of timber’s natural character and to guard against exposure, degradation and rot.

The Ecowoodoil brand focuses on the natural preservation and finishing of timbers using vital, natural materials from the plant kingdom. Ecowoodoil products have been specifically designed to meet Australia’s harsh conditions head on, and will remain the truest and finest timber oils available. Ecowoodoil’s Plant Oil Technology provides our customers with value in four key areas:

We have plenty in stock, they come in 1ltr Cans. These are in boxes of 6.

Better for our Environment

Most other Timber Finishes have ingredients that use scarce fossil fuel resources and contribute to rising oil prices. Ecowoodoil’s ingredients are CO2 neutral and 100% environmentally sustainable. In fact they are often produced as a bi-product of another manufacturing process.

Superior Timber Protection

Rather than just coating the surface, Ecowoodoil actually goes into your timber and keeps on protecting your investment long after the skin provided by other Timber Finishes would have weathered away. Even if the timber is neglected and left to weather for a few years, your wood is still protected from within.

Most other widely available Timber Finishes put a plastic film on the surface of your timber to protect it for a limited time. This film eventually erodes away and if you just apply another coat, the timber will absorb moisture in the areas where the original film has cracked or eroded. This moisture facilitates rot and cracking, which not only shortens the lifespan of your timber but also makes it difficult to regain the high quality finish it had when it was new.

Plant Oil Technology

Ecowoodoil’s Plant Oil Technology not only forms a barrier at the surface of your timber, but also penetrates and nourishes the timber below its surface. Even if the surface is weathered through neglecting to maintain your timber, it is still protected from within and that “new” look is able to be restored.

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