Boat Scrapyard Harvest Boatbreakers Boat Parts

Boat Scrapyard is the place to buy all the recycled boat bits that have been harvested by Boatbreakers. The Boatbreakers team focus on recovering and salvaging end of life vessels across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. The parts from the boats they collect is then dealt with by the Boat Scrapyard team.

The real life Boat Scrapyard in Portsmouth is a busy working yard so we don’t encourage visitors. By having a virtual scrapyard online we allow people to buy, sell and discuss boat bits from the comfort of their own home.

With the ever-growing Boat Scrapyard group on Facebook we have an active base of boaty people to talk to. It’s become easier than ever for us to sell on the boat bits we collect from boats. Before the group, listing the items was a cumbersome time-consuming task.

It’s also great to have a think tank we can dip into to ask questions. Sometimes we just don’t know what a certain type of boat or boat part is. But the Boat Scrapyard team can be sure that someone in the group will do. The wealth of knowledge people have to share around boats and boat bits is fantastic.

We have also worked on a system so boat owners can request boat parts they are looking for. The team will either check against stock we already have or check against the boat bits as they come in. It’s been good to match boat owners up with parts that they just couldn’t find anywhere else.

Boat Scrapyard is a website that we have had for a number of years. We’ve always seen it as becoming a boaty version of eBay but to get enough people to know and trust the site was a challenge. Especially without having to spend thousands on online advertising.

Now with the group behind it and items regularly being listed we hope the Scrapyard site becomes a great tool for boat owners. All of the items we list for sale also allow you to make an offer for so you can even beat our already cheap prices.