Super Saturday Boat Scrapyard Openings

The Boat Scrapyard warehouse will soon be open again on a Saturday after the success of our first trial run. Steve and Tom manned the fort on the 10th October. We weren’t sure how popular us being open would be. But we were all pleasantly surprised by how many people made the effort to come down to Gosport.  

We have always liked to keep our weekends to ourselves as the team have plenty of other interests apart from boats. However plenty of people regularly ask us if we are open at the weekends to browse.  

With Tom joining the team on a more official basis he was keen to test the water on a weekend. Adverts for the opening were posted on the Boat Scrapyard Facebook group. With over 12,000 members at the time of posting it meant plenty of people were aware.  

2020 has been a year full of cancelled events so boat owners are probably missing the usual Boat Jumbles they can comb through for cheap boat bits. Our warehouse is one big Boat Jumble under a roof! 

As the first event was a success the next will now be held on November 7th in the morning. As long as we aren’t dragged into a COVID lockdown! Like we said before it isn’t a big event it’s simply us opening our doors for a couple of extra hours. Just so people who work through the week or can’t get here on a weekday have a chance to visit.  

The best way to keep up to date with Boat Scrapyard events is to join our Facebook group. We regularly feature the boats that Boatbreakers are bringing in for scrap. This gives the members first dibs on the parts that are recovered from them.  

So on November 7th we hope to see some more of you popping in to see us. If you are looking for sails, they are all listed on our site, as are the booms. As for the rest of our boat bits we would always recommend coming to have a look as it will take us years to be able to list every item.